Nuper rosarum flores – Domweihmotette für Florenz

Nuper rosarum flores (recently the rose blooms) is a motet that was created by Guillaume Dufay on the occasion of the consecration of the cathedral of Florence. The title refers to the name of the place: St Mary of the Flower. A name that was given because of the golden rose that was given by pope Eugene IV to adorn the altar.

Actually, the dome was not yet finished when the consecration happened. The famous construction by Brunelleschi was finished five months later. According to musicologist Charles Warren the piece of music reflects the proportions of the cathedral. Since this publication in 1973 his numbers have been subject to controversy, with both musicologists and architect casting doubt on Warren’s hypothesis.

This sounds to me like some of the theories about the Egyptian pyramids that were popular at the time. Someone was measuring the insides of the the Great Pyramid to reflect important world events. Because the builders were like gods, after all.

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