Saint-Saëns – The three violin concertos

On reading the wiki description, I might conclude that the Beethoven of France was not good at writing for the violin. His first two concerto’s were both composed in 1858, and quite short. The third is standard repertoire for any violinist, sure, but actually for the real interesting work you have to look even further: the Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso. 

I don’t agree with that assessment. I think these are all marvelous works, each in their own right. I do think the real interesting pieces on this collection are not the concerts, but the short extras. They might look like fillers, but they contain superb material. 

Ulf Hoelscher is a German violinist, born in 1942. I could not find how active he still is, except that he is teaching. On the wiki of both the conductor Pierre Dervaux and the violinist, this recording is especially mentioned. It might be the same author, but the attention is well deserved: it is a good recording. 

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