Dvořák – Compositions for violin and piano


A collection of pieces for piano and violin, and one of these is the Romantic pieces I wrote about earlier. Typical chamber music stuff, but superbly played by Josef Suk. About the pianist Alfred Holeček I know nothing, so google to the rescue.

No wikipedia page, so let’s find something else that is trustworthy and not too much riddled with strange commercial or otherwise annoying messages. Hmm, an interesting hit on celebsagewiki.com. Dates are correct, according to what I know from Discogs. Born in Kharkiv in 1907, died in Prague 1989. Scrolling down. What site is this? Weight and other body measurements? These are not available right now, but they promise to get back to that as soon as they can. Given that he is now 34 years dead, I wonder what can come of that.

Dating? Oh, interesting, he is currently not dating anyone. I should hope not. Hmm, net worth? Why do I want to know what he is worth? For the record, according to this website he is still worth at least 1 million. Is this a website for gold-diggers?

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