Qurbono: Liturgie des Herrenbruders Jakobus im Syrischen Ritus


This is intriguing in many ways and for many reasons. It is a recording of a liturgy in the Syrian ritus. It has an inlay that explains in details what is going on, and I suppose someone thought it would sell better if it came with an extra sticker: this is the ritus in the language of Christ.

The word Qurbono or Qurobo comes from the Aramaic qurbana. In the time of the Temple in Jerusalem this was a term for the offerings people made there. It means to near, or draw closer. An offering is a way to get closer to God.

The article on wikipedia is surprisingly dense and probably required more detailed study. It details differences between terminology between different traditions, but does not tell me how the ritus is built, what is happening. After a couple of extra read throughs it is not even clear to me if this is part of the Eastern Orthodox Church, or the Roman Catholic Church. I get the impression the writer expects more knowledge of the material from my side.

What is clear to me is that my neighbour might be coming from that area. When I was listening to the record, my girlfriend shut the door on me. After listening I asked bemused what was going on: I knew it already. It sounded exactly like the neighbourly noise coming through the walls sometimes. Not easy to listen to if your looking for relaxation.

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