Russische und Bulgarische Kirchengesänge

After so many recordings of Russian orthodox songs I am surprised that I like the sound of this so much. The acoustics of the Cathedral of Smolensk are a bit overwhelming, so at the start it sounded a bit like yesterday’s record (pun intended). However Nesterenko’s voice took over and the result is worth a listen in my opinion.

Yevgeny Nesterenko was born into a military family in Moscow. Following the family tradition, he studied navel engineering, but when he started working, he also started studies at the conservatory. His voice was already unusually low at a young age, and with both parents interested in music, it was something he wanted to nurture.

Eventually he gave up his day job and started an operatic career in Leningrad. During his life he made about 70 recordings, of which 20 were complete operas. He died in Vienna in 2021, suffering from a severe Covid19 infection. His remains were transported back to Russia, according to his wishes.

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