All I intended to be


I wrote yesterday about the market for records picking up around this time. Nowadays you get a lot of treats when buying vinyl, but back then you had that, and also good sound quality. I cannot remember bad mastering or bad pressing. I think there was just more time for it, whereas now pressing vinyl seems more like a rush job, given the enormous demand.

This is Emmylou Harris’ 25th (!) studio album. I bought it because I liked her classics albums, but especially Wrecking ball from 1995. Compared to that this was a bit of a disappointment. In a way this is the Emmylou Harris I knew before Wrecking ball: a bit too much country for me maybe. Now that I listen to it after some years, it sounds fresh and good. It was quite a surprise how much I recognised. I must have listened to it more than I estimated.

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