Foto’s en een souvenir – Vreeswijk zingt Croce


In 1973 American singer-songwriter Jim Croce died in a plane crash during take off from an airport in Louisiana. The reason has never been found, but is generally thought of as a pilot error. Three years later Dutch – Swedish troubadour Cornelis Vreeswijk sang translated versions of his famous songs.

I suppose both singers shared a little bit of the same style. Jim Croce is known for his sweet melodic songs and Vreeswijk built his career on bluesy simple melodies. I don’t know if the two knew each other personally, but there is some resemblance.

I think I never was a fan of Jim Croce, and for me only the Vreeswijk-written introduction and ending sounds okay. The rest is a bit too easy listening for me. My mother would say “Kist dur wel suker op kriegen?“. I have no idea if I write that correctly, but it means in the northern dialect Gronings: Can you add some sugar to that?

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