The threshingfloor


The ongoing adventures of the rocking Christian Eugene Edwards. He started Wovenhand as another vehicle for his sometimes disturbing form of evangelical rock. With slightly dark lyrics about redemption, pain, punishment and guilt.

I have seen Edwards’ previous band 16 Horsepower, and liked it very much. When Wovenhand started it was refreshing, a different look at the same sound. But it didn’t last long, and by this fifth studioalbum almost ten years in, it has lost some of its glitter.

Around this time, I started to buy a lot of new records. There were more offerings, and in a better quality. Most bands put their new albums not only on cd, but also on vinyl. Wovenhand is a good example. 16 Horsepower’s earlier albums were all only on cd, but around 2000 it started to change. This one is pressed on 180 grams, heavier vinyl. The weight of the vinyl should allow it to sound better. I have not heard the difference, but it does feel nice when handled.

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