This is electronic body music


In 2001 I started to go yearly to a festival in Germany. The Wave Gotik Treffen is about meeting people that like the gothic style. For me it was, and still is, mostly about the music, some of which is on this record. Some classics of the genre are on this, in a style called EBM or, as the title says electric body music.

Somehow what has always annoyed me about this genre is the way they keep naming it. It is almost like a bunch of marketing drones are behind it. Sure, record company executives, whatever. There are people at that festival that are wearing hoodies with “Electric body music / EBM” on it, they even have a logo. For me it is all way too pushy. I did see some of the bands on this record, but it was never really my music.

Luckily that festival is about more than EBM, so there is lots more to enjoy.

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