Rose Dunn was born in 1878, in Oklahoma US. When she was 14 or 15 she met and fell in love with the famous outlaw George Newcomb. George already made quite a career as gunslinger, having been booted from the Dalton gang and starting his own. Rose on the other hand had two brothers that were also outlaws, but they were moving into a different business: bounty hunters.

This challenged family situation could not last long: in the Battle of Ingalls George was wounded in an intense shootout with US Marshalls. Legend has it he was then rescued and could escape because Rose Dunn was helping him. She was running from her cover, supplying him with ammunition and cover while he was reloading his gun. The official report from the Marshalls says he and one of his companion were wounded, and three Marshalls were killed in the incident. Nothing about the legendary rescue.

It did lead to a bounty of 5000 dollars in 1895, dead or alive. In the same year he was shot and killed by the Dunn brothers while he was in hiding in the Dunn family house. Rose Dunn left the outlaw life and became the wife of a local politician, a respectable woman. She was famous, but under the name Rose of Cimarron.

I always thought that was a stain, but it is part of the artwork. Is that a rose?

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