Fauré – Mélodies


Le spleen de Paris is a collection of romantic poems by the French poet Charles Baudelaire published in 1869. The title refers to the meaning of melancholy. That is connected to the original Greek meaning of the word. The spleen is an organ that was in the Middle Ages thought of as a creator of black bile. Bad humours that invaded the body with melancholy and sadness. The poetic collection of Baudelaire however is more connected with lust as the evil side of man.

I was once asked about the Spleen poem in a game, to give it my comments. I have checked it many times, and never did understand it. Here it is just one of the songs in this great box. It is well performed and recorded, and I was quite amazed with how good it sounds. Although at the end of five records the sheer amount of colourful impressionism is a bit too much, beautifully it might have been sung.

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