Pieces of the sky


Emmy Lou Harris [sic] debuted with Gliding bird in 1970. It was not a big success, and the label went belly-up pretty soon after the album came out. She ‘disowned’ the album (wiki words: what does that mean?) and considers this, her second studio album her debut. It is certainly the more successful of the two.

In good country tradition, this album is a collection of songs from other artists, but also some original Harris songs. Testament to her good relationship with fellow country singer Dolly Parton is her rendition of Parton’s Coat of many colors, and the returning of that favour by Dolly Parton in Boulder to Birmingham the following year. I guess this kind of collaboration eventually resulted in Trio in 1987.

I admit that she’s quite the beauty at 28, in a Seventies kind of way.

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