William Tell and other favorite overtures


Although I should like this kind of pieces, in this case I don’t really. Maybe when I bought it I did. Now it sounds to me more like a collection of best moments. It goes from one climax to the next, but there is no point of rest. Maybe the one piece standing out for me is the Willem Tell Overture the title of the album refers to. Recording and performance are both good though.

The first title on the record is the overture to the opera Zampa, by the French composer Ferdinand Hérold. Premiered in 1831, it gained popularity with around 500 performances until 1877. After the 1930 it basically faded from memory. There was a revival in 2008 in the same place in Paris where it premiered, but I couldn’t find recordings of it. Like in so many similar cases, the overture is all that reminds us of its existence.

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