Das Wiener Trio spielt Schubert – Klaviertrio Es-dur / Sonate B-dur


Beautiful recording of a beautiful work, in a superb performance. And yet I’m disappointed, and I was happy to end listening to it. What was wrong? I honestly don’t know. I fear I cleaned it in a wrong way, and the grooves are filled with gunk. I described what can happen in my post about a Bach Cantata. Here I’m pretty sure it is the last option: Botched wash job.

So I tried cleaning it again. And again. To no avail. I have given up on this record, alas. About the Wiener Trio I cannot find much. The only picture I have of them comes from another album. According to the bios on discogs most of them were born around 1945, and most of the recording, like this one, are from 1970.

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