Offenbach – La vie Parisienne


For some reason I’ve always had an issue with easy music. It might be my protestant past, maybe the fact that I had to work hard to understand music the way I do now, I have no idea. Music has to be worked for I think. Beauty has to be hard, with a bit of suffering involved. So for me I want Sofia Gubaidulina or Igor Stravinsky, instead of Andrew Lloyd Webber and uhm… Jacques Offenbach.

Political correctness has it that of course it is inexcusable. There is no such thing as low and high art. As if the socio economic status of people translates itself in the complexities of music. Life is not that simple, or it should not be.

If wishes were horses. It takes time to understand the more complex forms of music. Time not everybody has or wants to take. I know there are greys in the scale. It is neither good nor bad, everything is just more or less. There are also colours and gradients. Yet I think understanding of the finer things in life is something to be striving towards. Art is one, and in my mind music is the highest form of it. There are more connections formed in the brain by listening to music than by anything else. For that reason alone I wish everybody to listen to more complicated music once in a while. And do not start with Jacques Offenbach and the Parisian Can-Can.

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