Schubert – String quartet D minor, Quartet movement C minor


Don’t let yourself be fooled: this is the same recording as what I wrote about earlier. This is the monaural version, released in 1962. That is rather late for a mono record. Record companies started releasing in stereo from 1957. Until 1968 both monaural and stereo records were on the market.

Stereophonic sound was invented in 1927 by Western Electric for use in cinema’s. They added a system for using it on record called the Westrex. There have been earlier experiments with it, like a demonstration by Clément Ader in Paris 1881. By connecting telephones set on the stage of the Paris Opera to the Paris Electrical Exhibition he created the now familiar sense of depth and localisation. Scientific American reported:

Every one who has been fortunate enough to hear the telephones at the Palais de l’Industrie has remarked that, in listening with both ears at the two telephones, the sound takes a special character of relief and localization which a single receiver cannot produce… This phenomenon is very curious, it approximates to the theory of binauricular audition, and has never been applied, we believe, before to produce this remarkable illusion to which may almost be given the name of auditive perspective.


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