U raadt het nooit?!


This is really a curiosity: a quiz about classical music. In 10 series of 10 fragments each, your ability to recognise a tune is put to the test. During each series, you get a list of the ten fragments, but not in order. For each fragment you have to note its number next to the title on your notepad. At the end of each series, the right answers are read aloud, and every contestant gets a point for the right answer.

To turn this really into a game, the box contains not only the LP, but also sheets where contestants can add their own answers, along with ten small brightly coloured booklets with the right answers. For someone like me that likes both classical music and boardgames, it is a dream come true.

Or so it seems. Of course it is hopelessly outdated, meant for the families of the Sixties or older. The records are monaural, so as far as listening is concerned, a bit of a challenge. Record company Philips also made this into a commercial by adding a catalogue of the records where each of the 100 fragments were taken from. Genius.

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