Ghost in the machine


The Police’s fourth studio album is another mix of new wave and reggae. The title is inspired by Arthur Koestler’s book about the relationship between mind and body. In this book from 1967 Koestler argues that the mind is not a totally independent entity inhabiting the body and able to exist outside of it. He then applies this philosophy to explain mankind’s self destructive behaviour. A work of its time, set at the peak of the Cold War.

The big hit from this album is Every little thing she does is magic. It is also the first time the band is using keyboards and horns. This also led to some friction in the band, with leader Sting bringing in more and more different sounds outside of the original trio. The next album was to be their last.

Even though I don’t like The Police, mainly because I cannot stand the voice of the singer, I do like this album.

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