Supertramp in 1980 was a bit of a sad affair. They just released the most popular album Breakfast in America, and Rick Davies and Rodger Hudson, the leading members, were ready for a few years of enjoying their succes. To appease the fans, they released this live recording of a concert in the French capitol.

Like the U2 concert I wrote about yesterday, this concert also took place at a giant venue. From 1975 to 1980 the Pavillon de Paris hosted concerts for approximately 10000 people at a time. It must have been a bit bigger than what I think is the size of a pavillon. The building in the north of Paris used to be a slaughterhouse (abbatoir in French) and some releases by other bands remind us of that fact: a film of a concert by the Rolling Stones is called Les Stones aux abattoirs. The place closed in 1980, but I guess the concert of Supertramp happened before that (yes, it did Arjan: in November 1979).

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