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The biggest hit of Terence Trent d’Arby. d’Arby was born as Terence Trent Howard, and changed his name to the last name of his stepfather Darby. Then later he added an apostrophe and released his debut record. The record was an enormous success. But the habitual name changer did it again in 2001. Now he should be addressed as Sananda Maitreya, and he even convinced Sony to retroactively change the titles in his catalogue. So Introducing the hardline according to Terence Trent d’Arby becomes Introducing the hardline according to… by Sanada Maitreya.

The artist thought the name means rebirth in Sanskrit, but from what I understand it means benevolent and possessed of happiness. And the self aggrandising continues. After the release of his debut album, he claimed to the press it was better than the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper. He later said it was just to get the attention of the public.

D’Arby or Maitreya made nine more records after this, but none of them came even close to this inspirational debut.

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