Tina turns the country on!


Tina Turner’s debut album from 1974, when she was still married to, and working with Ike Turner. Ike and Tina together were an R&B duo that had already started in the early Sixties. Their real breakthrough came with the Ed Sullivan Show in 1970, but it was also to be the end of their working relationship. The marriage followed soon after.

All this has been well documented in books, films and even in musical. What was less known is this album, made as an attempt by Ike to give Tina a wider audience. It wasn’t successful. The record contains mostly covers of well known country songs, and one that was written for Tina. No singles were ever made of it, and it never appeared on CD (well… there is a pirated Russian edition on the medium). Maybe it was part of the past Mss Turner was trying hard to forget.

In May last year, Tina died. Maybe because of the renewed interest in her works, this was put on streaming services and for digital download.

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