Kindertotenlieder / Symphony nr 10


In 1910, Mahler wrote his final work. His tenth symphony was never finished: of the five parts sketched out, only the first part is in a form that can actually be performed. In May 1911 he died at the age of 50. The work about love I wrote about yesterday didn’t stop his marriage from falling apart. He discovered that his wife was having an affair with the architect Walter Gropius.

In the early Sixties musicologist Deryck Cooke started with his series of reconstructions of the whole work. Some conductors do not want to perform that work, as it was not written by Mahler. Conductor Solti doesn’t want to perform it at all. I don’t know where I stand on this. I’ve never heard the complete work, but I think it says more about mr Cooke than about Mahler himself.

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