Concert of the century


With the possible exception of the Bach concerto for two violins, this is indeed a concert worth its name. This is quite the collection, by top rated performers. I exclude Bach, because personally I believe in a more historically correct performance, where this one is suffering a bit under the romantic yoke. Other than that, this would be a perfect night out, worthy of the 85th birthday of Carnegie Hall, for which it was held.

As a European, I’m appalled to read about the history of perhaps the most famous concert hall in America. During its history it was considered for demolition several times, especially ever since its original occupant, the New York Philharmonic moved out. In fact, the owner wanted to sell the place even before they moved out, because of their plans to move to the Lincoln Center.

When this concert was held, and the recording was made, Carnegie Hall was getting more popular. Admittedly, this was partly because of the bad state of other venues (like the New Philharmonic Hall). However, the venue was in such a bad state, that piece of the ceiling were coming down, and visitors could put their feet through the floors of some of the balconies. It took until 1982 before renovations were done.

There is a small program added in the box, that was a joy to browse through. It contains some articles of the time, but more to my entertainment, some nice adds from the Seventies.

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