Stravinsky – Le sacre du printemps


I am counting 115 recordings of this work on my online streaming subscription. That includes some monumental recordings by Stravinsky himself, Stokovski in a very early recording of 1930 up to a very impressive Jaap van Zweden version by the New York Philharmonic. There are two recordings by Bernstein in the list: one from 1958 with the New York Philharmonic and the other is this, with the London Symphony Orchestra. It was made in 1972.

In the world of American music, Leonard Bernstein is a giant. He has performed with most major orchestras in the world, but is mostly known for his work with the New York Philharmonic, building the orchestra to one of the best orchestras in the world. During the second half of his career he was invited by orchestras all over the world to conduct, either as a guest or as chief.

Last year a biopic about Bernstein was hitting the cinemas: Maestro. Director Bradley Cooper played the role of the conductor, and had to make his nose a bit bigger to look like him.

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