Blues from the gutter


William Thomas Dupree was born in New Orleans in 1910. He started recording in 1931, and didn’t stay in New Orleans. He roamed the country and went to Detroit and Chicago, joined with many artists, like Tampa Red. This is the first recording under his own name, from 1958. A re-release, as this has always been a critically acclaimed record. The guitar playing by Larry Dale later inspired Brian Jones of the Stones. Later Dupree recorded with John Mayall (Bluesbreakers), Eric Clapton and The Band. 

Dupree liked to sing about misery: jail, drinking and drug addiction. That is reminding me of Johnny Cash, but Dupree himself never had any drug problems or alcohol abuse. He might be a bit of a dark romantic about it, singing about stories without being touched by them himself. He died in 1992, but more recently there is renewed interest from UK Lindyhoppers. 

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