Eddie, old Bob, Dick and Gary


Not quite this, but it will have to do

Tenpole Tudor is a British punk band formed in 1977 around Edward Tudor-Pole. This is their first album, released in 1981. The only song I knew from it, and the reason I bought it, was W√ľnderbar, but internationally the band might be better known for Swords of a thousand men. The band broke up in 1982, but has reformed since then every now and then, in many different line-ups. 

Edward Tudor-Pole is mostly an actor and tv presenter though. When not scaring people in knight outfits while playing in his band, he has played roles in dozens of movies, including Harry Potter and Game of Thrones (those were the ones that caught my eye). Another thing that peaked my interest was the use of the song Swords of a thousand men in the comic book series The Boys by Garth Ennis, where it is used as the title for a storyline. 

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