VNV Nation started in 1990 as a duo, consisting of drummer Mark Jackson and singer Ronan Harris. Since 2017 Jackson has left the project, leaving only Harris who is on stage accompanied by stage musicians that are not part of the band itself. I am following the band since 2000, and have seen them numerous times. Transnational is their ninth studio album, containing some real beauties.

VNV stands for Victory not vengeance. If you encounter problems, the way to solve them is not by exacting vengeance over the perpetrator, but by being victorious from your own strength. As someone with a bit of a troubled past (and don’t we all have some dark times in our past?) I can relate to many of the lyrics. This is one of the few bands that does that for me.

For a long time, it was not possible to listen to this album on my streaming service, because for some reason most of the songs were marked as unavailable. This happens every now and then to many albums, and I am wondering why it happens. If it is copyright issues, why not remove the whole album? Copyright for all of these songs is the same as far as I know: they’re all written by Harris. The many riddles of streaming!

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