Cannonball’s sharpshooters


Julian Cannonball Adderley’s seventh studio album from 1958, the same year that saw the creation of the famous Somethin’ else. It was recorded at New York’s Bell Sound Studios. That was founded eight years earlier by radio engineers Allen Weintraub and Dan Cronin. For almost twenty years it would produce many hits, most of them in pop and rock music.

From 1961 onwards, they would do a lot of work for the Madison Avenue advertising industry, as portrayed in the series Mad Men. They were asked by almost all agencies in advertising, doing Pepsi, Coke and Ford. By 1968 almost 40% of the revenue was earned that way.

In 1968 Dan Cronin died in a plane crash. His business partner sold his remaining interests to an investment company at the end of that year. It didn’t do well without their former owners, and with rising costs and lower revenue, it had to file for bankruptcy in 1976.

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