Dvořák – Piano quartets, op 23 & 87


Dvořák’s two piano quartets, written in 1875 and 1889. Both are not the most played of his works, but they deserve more attention. The second was written by demand of the publisher, because chamber music sells. For better situated families that could afford the instruments and the education that comes with it, it is nice to play quartets or trios (depending on the size of the family).

I suppose this was like listening to the radio and playing a boardgame in one. I also think that Dvořák’s quartet were not for everyone. They demand quite a developed ability on each instrument. I wonder if the shops that were selling these had them marked as such. Or maybe people buying in these shops just knew that they were looking for the latest Dvořák work? Excuse me, do you have the latest Dvořák?

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