Liszt – Piano works vol 6


The sixth part of this series feels a bit like whatever was left and whatever Jorge Bolet felt interested to still play. Venezia e Napoli is sometimes seen as an addition to the Années de Pèlerinages part two, where Les jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este is part of the third year. Liszt wrote that third part of his musical travels almost forty year later. When you get as old as Liszt did, you can do that.

Jorge Bolet was born in 1915 in Havana, Cuba. He left for America for his musical education. In 1960 he made a name for himself by performing the music for a biopic about Liszt: Song without end. The movie got an Oscar for the score.

This record ended my short foray into Liszt. I’m pretty sure I only got as far as the Années, but I still listen to them. Usually in the version by Louis Lortie. I can certainly recommend listening to that one.

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