My love


Just the song, to give an impression

Sharon Kovacs is a dutch singer that found a huge audience with the help of YouTube in 2014. I heard her on the radio and saw her that year at a tiny festival called Fresh Fish in the city of Eindhoven. I cannot find the festival online anymore, but I remember the concert being… slightly disappointing. It took me a while to overcome it, but the voice stayed with me. Kovacs has a voice best compared with Amy Winehouse or even Shirley Bassey. Dark and bluesy, here she is in all her first record glory.

There are some real beauties on this 10 inch EP. The song My love was a hit on YouTube, but didn’t sell very well. Wiki doesn’t mention this EP though, so I don’t know if this particular record was popular. It is numbered 500 copies, so maybe nobody noticed. Most of the songs here were released in 2015 on her first full album.

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