Die Bach Kantate – BWV 125 (Mit Fried Und Freud Ich Fahr Dahin), BWV 156 (Ich Steh Mit Einem Fuss Im Grabe)


How many people actually ever heard this record? I mean, the library had this whole collection, how many times was it actually borrowed? How many Bach lovers were there in the area? How many liked cantatas?

Oh, the always conscientious library. When the record was borrowed by someone, they made a not on this card, with the number of the person borrowing it.

So 1236 had been waiting for this record for a long time. In all his nervousness he made that scratch that is visible on the 4th quarter of side two (marked). And that on a new record! It was found out of course (back then they checked the records as they were coming in), and he got an angry stare from the librarian.

Then months later 1331 got the record by accident. She thought it was a nice idea for her father, since it mentions “mit einem Fuß im Grabe”. Her father was not amused and didn’t like Bach at all. Burt Bacharach is okay, but keep the oldies out of the house. And she did.

6316 was the first one in five years time to actually listen to the record again. He never heard the scratch (neither do I), so was it a piece of dust? 6316 loved it, and wanted to wait for it to go on sale. Alas, he was too late. I took it, and he still hates me for it.

Oh, the life and times of this record.

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