Die Bach Kantate – BWV 130 (Herr Gott, Dich loben Alle wir), BWV 167 (Ihr Menschen, rühmet Gottes Liebe)


After the memento mori of the previous recording, this one seems a bit more positive. We love you God. We are so happy with you loving us back. These cantatas were written for the feasts of archangel Michael and John the Baptist. With Bach you could party.

However, the more I read about these cantatas, the more they turn out to be bad party material. “Herr Gott, Dich loben Alle wir” is about the sinning of people, and how they get better in dying. Wow. This was performed in Leipzig in 1724. From what I can see Leipzig did very well in that time. No reason for despair JSB!

Maybe this is religious language for “happy happy happy”?

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