Die Bach Kantate BWV 186 (Ärgre Dich, O Seele Nicht)


Normally this kind of music doesn’t enter someone’s house before the smell of the grave is coming out of your pores. Was I that serious? I wasn’t even religious, so what was my connection with this music? I cannot find that connection anymore now. Some people get it when getting older, I lost it along the way.

I think I was just interested in any kind of music I could find. I didn’t have any guidance in finding my music. In the case of the cantatas, I remember they had a lot of them in the library, and I might have borrowed them one e or twice. Not that I ever recorded them on tape, but I was kind of fascinated. There were so many!

My mother once told me: if you listen to so much music, you must feel lonely. I don’t think that was true of all periods, but I certainly was at times.

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