Die Bach Kantate – BWV 68 (Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt), BWV 175 (Er rufet seinen Schafen mit Namen)


God was shouting names to all he created. Oh my god. Somebody needs to stop him. Here Bach is celebrating this godly cursing. Am I seeing things wrong here? Yes, he is calling his sheep, not his creation. Clearly, I’m not a specialist.

I have a lot of these cantatas in my collection. I tried to collect as much as I could from it. Parts of them do sound really nice, even though I’m not into Bach that much. The record I described in my previous post, and the coming records, are all part of the loot I got from the library for almost nothing.

The Helmut Rilling Ensemble made these recordings using modern instruments. This was the moment the HIP movement was in full swing. HIP stands for Historically Informed Performance, an attempt to perform older music with period instruments and with more respect to the intentions of the composer.

Even though this was a recording with modern instruments, in my view it still has a lot of attention for the historical context of the pieces. The performances are quite good, and I did hear others. I still like these very much. The discussion among musicians and musical theorists about the value of HIP is not at finished, even to this day. But because I got into classical music right in the boom times of this movement still means I don’t like performances of Bach on the piano. That includes the so celebrated recordings of Glenn Gould.

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