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Oh, Susanna! There have you been hiding all these years! I was missing you. We shared so many moments back when. Why didn’t you talk back? Why did you disappear after so many hot and steamy nights? I only had a few pictures of you, and you never came back for more. I was shattered.

Yes, there were others in the all girls band Bangles, but for me it was all about Susanna Hoffs. Not only a pretty face, also a sexy voice. So yes, of course I had to have this album. It is not the one with the most famous tracks though, but it has Walk like an Egyptian. It is poppy and a bit simple, so that was clearly not its big selling point. Susanna was good looking, sure, but the same could not be said about her band members. Looking at the pictures on the backside of the cover they look like the ugly ducklings surrounding the beauty.

My administration says I got this from the brother of my girlfriend in those days. I have no idea why. It wasn’t for my birthday, but for what then? Was it something he bought and then gave away? Was there another reason for this present? Also: this is the UK pressing. Was that the one generally sold in The Netherlands? There is a version made here, but it is a special “club” version. In those days it was quite unusual that LPs were exported. They were, but not for the same price.

[edit:] Found it: I got this because it was a promotional copy. I think he was working at the local CBS record plant.

ownership by CBS. Do I have to bring it back?

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