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Klassikaz was a small shop in Haarlem, specialised in classical music. They were bold enough to only sell classical music. No jazz, no racing out of the door pop music. Maybe there were soundtracks, but I came there for classical music alone. Alas, this classical music heaven doesn’t exist anymore.

This is where I bought this record. It was the first of its kind: a gatefold LP. I didn’t pay much for it, but woohoo! I had a gatefold LP. Boy, was I proud.

The Messiah is of course a famous work. It is performed as a yearly tradition in places all over England. For my Dutch readers: something like our Matthäus Passion. So there are many different performances. This particular one does not rank high according to my resources. I have not compared it myself though, I’m used to this one. But if you’re interested: try the one of the Sixteen on Spotify.

This recording has been sponsored by “Bass”? What is that? No explanation on the cover, which is good in itself: no one wants a commercial on a classical record. But I’m (mildly) intrigued. The liner notes say “Bass North” as the sponsor of the Huddersfield Choral Society. Having no information whatsoever, I’m imagining Bass North to be the local plumber.

Having made fun of plumbers, I leave you with this.

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  1. Arn

    Ah, Klassika Z. Record store in the Kruisstraat in Haarlem. Called after its owner a certain mr. van Zwol (hence the Z). Fond memories. In the early ninethies, when everybody was already buying cds, here you could still buy brand new classical music lps at discount prices!
    I remember visiting the store once again around the year 2000, mr. van Zwol was still there, but he only sold cds, albeit also at discount prices. And now the store has disappeared completely, probably already years ago.

    1. It first moved to a different location, and then disappeared altogether. A sad loss.