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After all these years this still sounds awesome. José Carreras shines in this recording of the Creole Mass from Argentina. That work is from 1964, but this recording is from 1988.

There is also a recording of the performance in 1964. It is regrettably in mono. I have seen it a lot on markets, and I think I heard it too. But I just love the José Carreras recording. Probably because I know it so well.

Imagine Zamfir combined with a religious choir. Then add old José, and you’ll get this. It was one of the first masses to be allowed in the vernacular. Before this only latin was allowed. A new wind blew through the church, and more openness was shown. After almost 1500 years of standing with back towards the congregation, the priest was finally allowed to turn his face to the people, and talk in their language.

When I first heard it, I was completely convinced: I wanted to have this. I paid a hefty sum for it, but I seem to remember I paid it with money I got as a present.

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