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Every time I think of this record, every time I see the cover, I have to think of something my girlfriend at the time told me: she wanted to hear the record with the long lady. Her taste in music was vastly different from mine, but she liked Memories of green on this record.

This is the Vangelis that most people don’t know. It is not one of his more popular records, but also not one of his more obscure. Being from 1980, it belongs to his middle period, where he did some fine work in my opinion. It is more closely connected to synth pop than anything he did before. Also, it is not film music, which he did a lot afterward.

The wikipedia page about this album informs me that this is about a bleak dystopian future. Welcome in the eighties. Technique was there, but not really trusted. And the fun was just about to start.

Inner sleeve! That was some time ago. Competition? Nah…

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