Tchaikovsky vioolconcert / Mendelssohn vioolconcert

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Two of the most famous violin concertos on one record: Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky. Did I just hear a different version of the Tchaikovsky concerto? It sounds as if they skipped a bit there. I cannot find it in the liner notes though.

Alas, this record is really badly damaged. Ticks all over the place. That is a pity, for the performance is superb. It is also the kind of damage that is not washable, so I’ll have to make do and accept it. Apart from those ticks, the sound is still good. The vinyl is good quality. Also, recording quality is good. It is clear, with lots of soundstage. Very appropriate for this work.

The first time I bought records from the Amsterdam Waterlooplein market. Back then they were a lot cheaper than they are now. I paid the equivalent of just one euro for a record. Now that is usually five, if not more. The thought in 1991 was that records were out, cds were in. Now it is the other way, and prices have gone up again.

Ay… side B is really badly damaged. Pity.

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