Beethoven Klavierkonzert nr 5 Es-dur

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Beethoven has found his way into every part of my collection. This is his most famous pianoconcerto, it has been in my collection for a long time, but somehow it never made an impression. Only when it was part of a film years later, I discovered it. Was this performance bad? No. I was just neglecting it, maybe because it was piano and I was more into violin in 1991.

About the link to Spotify: sometimes these recordings get reordered by the record company. My record only has the fifth concerto, not the fourth. When I was buying it, there was also a record containing the second and the fourth, but never one with fourth and fifth. Maybe it was done like this for Spotify? These orderings are a mess. Just choose the right title if you want to listen to it. It is the right recording.

Deutsche Grammophon btw is a very well recognised trademark for classical music. Yes, it has some awesome names and has been seen in all households that like classical music. It is the oldest still existing record company in the world, founded in 1898. It was set up as an affiliate company of the American “Victor Talking Machine Company” and the British Gramophone Company. Both use the famous dog for the logo of “His Masters Voice”.

The brand His Masters Voice can also be found on old mechanical gramophone players, and is again, a well known logo. I remember the story about the dog was that it really was doing that: listening to records. It’s name was Nipper.

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