Bloody tourists

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If you put your albums in alphabetical order, this one will be on top. It wil always be on top. Well, so far no other album has been earlier in the alphabet. That reminds me of a story about the name Apple. When asked about the origins of the name, Steve jobs said it was because it was earlier than Atari in the phone book.

The album is a gatefold. Inside is a big picture of the band members posed as tourists at an airport. But what is more important: though there is no inner sleeve, there is an inlay, with the lyrics.

There is an interesting story about the cover of this album. Apparently it was created by a company that did this kind of work for a lot of bands. It was first offered to Genesis, but they didn’t like it. For me this cover is iconic: this is 10cc. Imagine it would have been a Genesis cover.

The map is the island of Martinique by the way.

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