The Hole

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The Hole is Golden Earrings third album. It is known for the hit Quiet Eyes, but the band didn’t like the result. It was produced to get a sound that was good for radio, but the band didn’t like it. Other than the main hit it doesn’t contain anything interesting, except maybe those band portraits.

I’m trying to find better pictures of these, but it seems to be impossible. When I try to make them myself, the reflection kills the image. They’re supposed to be black, but the camera makes a mess of them. They are made by Anton Corbijn, and really worth it. Hah, found something. Now, those are blacks!

I have discovered the version I have of this record is from the US. It also has a cut / hole (pun intended) at the right bottom. That is usually done to make sure it goes at bottom price. I know this is something they do in The Netherlands, so I suppose it happened here. Was it imported by someone? Also: I bought it together with Cut, in the same shop in Amsterdam. The version for Cut is Dutch though.

the image is not really clear..

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  1. Oops… I don’t know where I had this from, but this would be the eighteenth Golden Earring album. Was I sleeping in that time? 
    I stand corrected, thanks Ed.