Eye in the sky


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It is now March 1993. I was studying, and I was also trying to reinvent my youth. I was trying to buy on vinyl the albums I already had on tape. These were the years everyone was still using tape. I had a large collection Alan Parson’s Project, and I wanted to have them all ‘for real’.

All of these were concept albums. They evolved around a single subject, the concept. The effort was lead by Alan Parsons, together with Eric Woolfson. The rest of the musicians changed every album, according to what was needed. I always thought they didn’t do concerts, and for certain I think they’ve broken apart. But what did I see this summer in Granada, Spain?

Eye in the sky was their best selling album, from 1982. It is the second Egypt themed album they made, and that might have been one of the reasons it caught my eye (haha). I was totally into Egypt then, something that gradually wore off but never went away.

I would think Old and wise is the big hit from this album, but it seems North America disagrees. The title song is the one that everyone knows over there. And its introduction, Sirius, is used as introduction song for the Chicago Bulls. Go figure. Me and sports, not a combination.

The outside cover of my version has some kind of shiny foil for the eye. It looks really nice. I remember I had another one also, but I cannot find it anymore. The inner sleeve is one for the competition.

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