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Some albums are so easy to find on Spotify, and yet so difficult on Discogs. There are 167 versions of this record at the time of writing. The third album of Megadeth sold like crazy, and was received very well by critics. Nowadays it is thought of as a bit less creative than its predecessor Peace sells but who’s buying? Yet according to Discogs the record is worth a pretty penny.

Megadeth just fired its guitarist and drummer, attracted new ones for this album and subsequently fired them. One might say, stability was not really a thing in those times. Singer and band leader Dave Mustaine was quite a character in those days, but maybe this kind of music also is not for the most stable of musicians.

There is a lot of debts to settle on this record. Mustaine is this juvenile little boy that cries out in frustration on most of these songs. Of course he makes good points here and there, but many of the songs on this records are born out of anger or frustration. While writing, Mustaine found out about the death of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Mustaine was part of Metallica for a while, but left the band (or was thrown out, depending who you talk to). His former band members neglected to tell him about Burton.

This is a nice album to hear again. Nice and refreshing after so much classical music. I probably thought of it like that when I bought it, but it was never easy to get these records. Owners of these somehow never sell, or so it seems. Sometimes you can find them in stores, but never for reasonable prices.

Yes, we got an inner sleeve again. One side only, the other is just lyrics.

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