Break every rule

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After Private Dancer and Mad Max there was… Break every rule. A nice album, with songs from Bryan Adams, David Bowie and Mark Knopfler (in an instantly recognisable style). Accompanied by some sexy pictures and coupled with a worldwide tour with a grammy winning live album. Tina was doing well.

I was very much into Tina Turner when I was doing exams. Probably inspired by the album Private dancer, and my older sister. So many of these songs contain memories for me about studying for the exams.

Since we are now in 1993 already, it is clear I didn’t buy this when it came out in 1986. At this time records were still cheap, but some were a bit more expensive. This is one of the more expensive ones: I bought it for what would now be 5 euros. Tina was not a cheap girl.

Good material for the inner sleeve competition.

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