Saints & Sinners

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Always judge a record by its cover. Classic blues hardrock in a juicy package. The album signifies the highlight of their first, blues period. After this frontman David Coverdale decided to cater more to American tastes with a slightly more glamorous metal style.

After Saints and Sinners it turned out the band was almost at its end. Started in 1976 by former Deep Purple singer David Coverdale, in 1981 they suffered from greedy mismanagement resulting in constant debts for the band. Something had to happen, and it did. David rescued the band by firing its members and buying out his contracts with his management company.

It saved the band, but changed also the style. Whitesnake had periods where they didn’t exist, only to pop-up again. All of this was always arranged by the frontman, who seems to have the band in his grip. They still exist today, but have planned their farewell tour for 2022.

The backside of the statue as seen on the sleeve.

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