Kissing to be clever

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Did I buy this for the big hit? Uhm… yes. The rest of the songs on this record I still don’t know. Buying this record was part of my ‘getting back with my past’ phase. I knew these songs from when I was young, but I never really listened to them. This was known to me because other people listened to them (read: my sisters).

Culture Club got the name because the band members realised they all came from different cultural backgrounds. There was an Irish singer, a black bass player, an Englishman on keyboards and a Jewish drummer. For singer Boy George this was one of the many names of formations that he had played with.

Culture Club wouldn’t be the last activity for Boy George. He is now also active as a DJ and fashion designer. Culture Club still exists, though drummer Jon Moss left the band after some legal arguments.

inner sleeve

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