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As a kid I saw this video hundreds of times. Or so it seemed. The catchy melody could not be missed in December 1985. It featured Elton John in a beautiful car flirting with a woman that was totally unreachable: at the other side of the East German border.

Okay, I just read Nikita is a guys’ name. Yes, I know that. I also know that the first name of Khrushchev was Nikita. Somehow these two synapses in my brain never met until I read that Elton John was a bit gender confused here. For me Nikita was a good name for the lady in the video. Of course years later dead old Elton admitted he was gay.

Interesting tidbit about the woman in the video. She was played by Anya Major. She also played in the famous Apple commercial in 1984, the one that portrays IBM as Big Brother.

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