The final countdown

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Both listed as worst song (Blender) and as best song (VH1), this song is really recognisable. It has been used and misused in all manner of ways, and has been covered in many ways (hello Crazy Frog!). Europe didn’t know what happened: it became an instant hit.

I once heard a story that this was meant as an opener for a disco. Yes, a disco. I couldn’t find any proof of that, so I think someone was confused. It would have been a nice story: invite a few rockers to play something that is not entirely within their normal repertoire, to act as opener for a place that from that moment onwards is going to play totally different music.

What I do find, is that the lyrics were inspired by Space oddity from David Bowie, and based on a keyboard riff by Joey Tempest.

This is another good example of why streaming services suck: try to find the single version, or radio edit. I can only find the album version, which is 20% longer (yes, a minute).

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